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Jonathan Barker: Video

Runaway Jones plays Paul Simon
Runaway Jones plays Late in the Evening with guest Matt Muller at Blue 5 in Roanoke, VA
Runaway Jones plays Jeff Beck
RJ plays Freeway Jam at Schooners! Featuring Mike Maycock on guitar, Jonathan Barker on keys, Will Henson on bass, and Matt Holland on drums.
Ministers of Soul

Just a glance of Ray Charles' Hit the Road with the Ministers of SOul at the SHenandoah Club in Roanoke, VA

The Other White Meat

Jonathan performs for the Richmond Ski Club with Steve Guidus, covering Dylan's Knockin on Heaven's Door

The Darkside Project performs Pink Floyd's Run Like Hell

The Darkside Project performs Run Like Hell at the Pine Tavern in Floyd! (just a snippet of video)

Jonathan Barker

Katrina was written following the TV coverage of impact on New Orleans.  We finally got it recorded about five years ago and it's due to be released on the next upcoming CD (THIS YEAR 2015)

The Darkside Project performs Have a Cigar

Darkside Project performed at Pulaski Theatre in March 2015.  

Jonathan Barker Band

JB Band (Hands Down) performs I Believe I'm in Love with You (written by Kim Wilson) at Blue 5 Restaurant in Roanoke, VA!