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Jonathan Barker: News

Digital Music - June 13, 2017

I understand many people, especially the younger generation, no longer purchases CDs and that's fine.  Fortunately, CD baby stays up with the trends and they have partnered with the digital distributors so that you may pick and choose the tracks you want.  Below are a few of the links to make it easy for you!

CD Baby link for Jonathan Barker

Also, please be kind enough to leave a review if you enjoy so that others will be encouraged to purchase something new and support indie artists.

JBIII - October 3, 2016

Proud to say the CD is finally available.  You can purchase a hard copy at CD Baby  It is also available on Itunes, Amazon, and any other digital download service  you choose!

CD THREE - November 2, 2015

Horns session when great with Willis Greenstreet and John Stump!  Female vocals went down as well with Brittany Sparks and Melissa Mesko!  More work to those tunes coming up November 15th.

New tracks going down this Thursday (hopefully tracking three new songs) at Blackwater!

Jonathan's 3rd CD - October 2, 2015

Still in the works!  Horns scheduled for October 11th with David Ferguson, local musical genius!  Recordings are taking place at Summit Sound with Jake Dempsey engineering and bass.  Other recordings are happenin' at Blackwater Recording with Harold Thompson engineering.

The CD release is expected before the end of the year.  

The Darkside Project - October 17, 2014

The project had its debut show on October 3rd at the Taubman Museum of Art and was welcomed by the museum's largest attendance on record.  Pinkheads greeted the music with enthusiasm and sang along with the band to their favorite Pink Floyd tunes!  Sound engineer Marty Irish is working with the band and lending his talent to bring the full sound to life.  

Next show will be October 25th at the historic Pine Tavern in Floyd, VA.  The Floyd in Floyd!  

Hands Down - June 13, 2014

Jonathan, Craig, Danny, and Brett are putting together a great set of tunes for the upcoming show at The Pine Tavern!  Looking forward to bringing a great show to FLoyd County!  Come out and hear the band debut!  At the end of the evening will be an All-Star jam including Craig Counts, Mike Maycock, Brett Reynolds, Matt Holland, Danny Counts, and Jonathan Barker!... AND very likely the wonderful Wendy Godley!  It's all happening July 19th!

The Darkside Project - May 19, 2014

Jonathan has joined The Darkside Project, Roanoke's own Pink Floyd tribute band. Rehearsals are productive and the band has shows booked in October. Check out our website or "like" us on Facebook!

Mr. Barker's Circus - February 15, 2014

Coming to a town near you! Featuring the Counts brothers, Rowdy Reynolds, and Mr. Barker!

Runaway Jones - January 2, 2014

RJ has hit the ground running for 2014! We already have several shows booked into April and look forward to opening new doors, playing new venues, and growing our fan base!! For booking call Jonathan at (540)793-5611

Gypsy Fest 2013 - April 29, 2013

Excited to be invited to play at Gypsy Fest this August 16th. Lot of great talent scheduled to be there. Thanks to Jesse Wilkerson and Tyler Flowers for the invitation!

Scrooge - November 12, 2012

Playing keyboards for the opening band at Scrooge Nov 29, 30, and Dec 1.

July 2012: “Keeping up with the Runaway Joneses” - September 10, 2012

The Soundcheck, July 2012: “Keeping up with the Runaway Joneses”
By j. Gabrielle

There are two ways to look at the name "Runaway Jones". "Jones" is a fixation on or a compulsive desire for someone or something. In this case the "jones" is good music and a unique set list. It is the band's collective passion for the unusual that makes it a runaway. Also, there is the Middle America reference to "keeping up with the Joneses", striving to achieve or own as much as the people around you. The band sees themselves as running away from this catchphrase.

The "Jones" started innocently enough. Vocalist/keyboardist Jonathan Barker recalls, "RJ started one night when Mike Maycock and I were chatting. We were both looking for something fresh. He was a good friend with Will Henson and I had jammed with Will in the past on various projects. Shortly after that, I met Matt Holland in the church praise team. He was filling in at our church and I thought he laid down a good groove.
We all got together and threw a few tunes out and found out we had common musical interests and actually, quite a variety of musical tastes. Sometimes, one of us will start a riff and the rest of us easily jump in on it, so the potential for songwriting as a band is great...we just haven't fully capitalized on that yet. We do play several originals which Mike, Will, and myself have contributed and the band seems to gel on those pretty well.”

Will Henson is the bassist/vocalist of the group. He remarks about performing with Runaway Jones, “When I was a kid, I used to stare at the inside sleeve of The Beatles - Let It Be album cover, fascinated by all the pictures of cables strewn around, the amps and the drum set, and the four guys holding their instruments, debating what and how they should play next. All the while, seemingly having a pretty good time, too. Now I get to live that with these guys. I was very fortunate to hook up with them and it's too easy to get along with them. They are that cool! I keep waiting for some kind of drama to unfold, but it never does. That is worth gold.”

Drummer Matthew Holland acquiesces as being the youngest in the band. Much of the material they perform was written before he was born. Matt says, “Some of it I’ve never heard before in my life. But I like it AND not everyone is doing it. I think we’ve connected with a good niche.” Asked about his influences he jabs, ” most of ‘em bad...especially these guys I play music with! Seriously though, as a kid, I guess it would be most of the eighties stuff, mixed with an alternative tour during my college years, followed by my most recent long stint of various Christian artists who have heavily influenced my playing style and approach.”

The band’s material is what keeps fans coming back to the shows. Elton John, “Honky Cat”, “Benny & The Jets”, Little Feat, “Oh! Atlanta”, “Fat Man in the Bath Tub”, Paul Simon, “Late in the Evening”, Bare Naked Ladies, “It’s All Been Done”, Traffic, “Medicated Goo”, “Empty Pages”, Jackson Brown “Doctor My Eyes”, The Band, “The Shape I’m In”. Maycock says, “We love all of these bands but we want to pick fresh songs.” Barker says they try to choose nuggets, the B sides, and special gems to offer something not being done in town.

In talking about area venues, the band is partial to Blue 5, Jake Dempsey’s excellent sound and the appreciative crowd. Barker also says, “The Pine Tavern pavilion is also very, very cool. The people in Floyd are way into music and are so appreciative. They really make you feel special up there.” Guitarist/vocalist Mike Maycock chimes in about Schooners. “Tammy was very cool at getting us out to start playing.” Jonathan interjects, “When she first asked me about playing there, we hardly had enough material to play out...but we had been practicing in the basement for several months. Tammy kind of pulled and tugged and we all said ‘yeah, ok’ and now she has that great stage.”

Jonathan heads to the studio this month to start work on some originals. The band hopes to grow their audience and work toward an original set list.

“Jonesin’” for something different? Runaway Jones has the “fix”.

CD #3 - June 23, 2012

Jonathan has had some tunes on the shelf for several years now. Studio time has been booked for July to knock off some cobwebs and rejuvenate some of the songs! This time around, Julie Wright will be lending her vocal talent to the music! Expect big things from Ms. Wright! She sounds awesome!

Runaway Jones - August 16, 2011

The band is rolling nicely now and gathering momentum, still building a repertoire and generating a buzz around town! Keep an eye out for the band at Blue 5, Fork in the Alley, Schooners, Corned Beef & Co, Brambleton Deli, AND we can do private functions as well!

YOu can expect to hear The Band, Little FEat, Van Morrison, Warren Zevon, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, The Cars, Peter Gabriel, Barenaked Ladies, Tom Petty, John Prine, Traffic, and more including some originals!

Jonathan Barker (keys and vocals)
Will Henson (bass and vocals)
Matt Holland (drums and vocals)
Mike Maycock (guitar and vocals)

Runaway Jones - February 17, 2011

This new project is finally getting some dates on the books and will be performing in public starting in the spring! April 1st is the public debut at Fork in the Alley! Please come out and support live music!

Runaway Jones is:
Jonathan Barker (keys and vocals)
Mike Maycock (guitar and vocals)
Will Henson (bass and vocals)
Matt Holland (drums and vocals)

Runaway Jones - January 10, 2011

A new project including Jonathan, Mike Maycock, Will Henson, and Matt Holland is cooking in the basement! The band has been rehearsing since last spring putting together fresh tunes, working from the ground up, to bring something new and different to the area. The band will be performing some of Jonathan's originals as well as originals contributed by Will Henson and Mike Maycock. They are also covering a spectrum of music from Barenaked Ladies to Peter Gabriel to Phish to Van Morrison and more. Keep your eyes and ears open!

Merry Christmas! - December 24, 2010

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! Let's remember the true reason to celebrate the holiday!

Male Vocalist - June 15, 2010

Jonathan is currently ranked 36 for male vocalist on for his song You and I off the first self-titled CD. Go to and look up Jonathan Barker or thedudes (alias) and select him as a favorite! You can still purchase a copy of the CD at many outlets including CD Baby and now - June 13, 2010

Jonathan is now on IndieRadio! You can hear his music and buy your own CDs at!

CDs for just $5.00!! - December 9, 2009

Now, you can get both of Jonathan's releases, Jonathan and Mojo, for $5.00 each! Log on to to find out how! You can take care of some of your Christmas shopping now at one website! Grab Jonathan's two releases and then browse for another CD such as Animals at Play (which Jonathan happens to play on) and get all three for only $15.00!! That's three CDs for the cost of one in many CD stores!

Get JBs Music for your IPod!! - November 10, 2009

NEW CD - MOJO - September 2, 2009

Hey everybody, you can finally get your own copy of the new CD directly from CDBaby. Just go to the link:
and you can get a hard copy of the CD or order the digital music for your MP3 player! It's also available on ITunes and any of the sites for digital distribution.

Thanks for your support!

Cattle Annie's Show - May 4, 2009

The benefit for the Crisis Hotline was a success, headed up by John Sines, Jr. John, great to see you again and hear you play! The show kicked off with Ray Neighbors bringing some of his very talented friends/musicians from Nashville covering everything from Louis Prima and Ray Charles to Johnny Cash and a few originals thrown in there. There was also a workshop on learning how to talk like Dan. Thanks guys! After Ray heated things up, Buddy Jewell took the stage backed by the opening band and pleased the crowd with his past hits and new music from his recent release "Country Enough." John Sines, Jr. closed the show and brought smiles and cheers to those in attendance. It was a privilege to be a part of such fine musicianship and a worthy cause. The Spirit alive in everyone who made the event possible was a pleasure to be around. Kudos to John Sines, Jr. for a job well done!

Merlefest 09 - April 27, 2009

Just back from Merlefest and have to report on the Waybacks! James Nash blew me away and lifted the crowd with his guitar playing. Festival highlight was during the Waybacks tribute hour to the Stones' Sticky Fingers. Already on stage joining them were Sam Bush and John Cowan, but then they brought out Emmylou Harris for Wild Horses! What a grand spectacle and tribute to the Stones!

2nd CD - April 8, 2009

More progress taking place at Blackwater! Many new songs in the pocket and we're laying them down with the engineering genius of Harold Thompson and David McDonald. Bob Casey, Dylan Locke, and Dave Brown are lending their talents to make the music happen! There is definite momentum!
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